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XII 3 Productions is a full-service creative, pre and post-production studio for feature films, TV commercials, and production services nationwide. Headquartered in Philadelphia, XII 3 Productions works with various national brands, as well as some top branding agencies, current mainstream, and independent films. We offer pre- production including story, production design and look development, R&D; art department with the environment and set design and post-production including color, grading, and editorial. Raising money for an indie film is one of the most challenging parts of the filmmaking process. At XII 3 Productions, we assist you in packaging your upcoming film in a way that will make it irresistible to investors, no matter which particular type of investor platform you’re going after. XII 3 Productions is determined to provide high standards of broadcast media production by utilizing advanced technology.


Our experienced team of multi-disciplinary and talented professionals produces fast and high-quality content for TV, digital & social media projects. We are always ready to meet and exceed the most demanding expectations. Our high professional standards and a thorough understanding of the region’s specifics allow for a smooth and seamless production experience so that your exclusive focus can remain in nailing the big picture. Get in touch today to see the difference.


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